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Q: How far would you travel to discover trends that help you sell more?

· Food Trend Tours

A: you don't even need to book a flight, let us help.

Food trend tours have become popular as a the sole intent of vacationing...surprisingly 13% of people have claimed they would get on a plane or plan a vacation around a "must try" dish. According to food trend tours saw a 57% increase on their global bookings.

Unfortunately for you this is not for pleasure it’s work and you have a lot of restrictions, including a budget! Not to mention all the fires you have to put out on a daily basis...


Luckily, can save you the hassle of having to clear your schedule, miss critical meetings and hinder you from developing deeper relationships with your customers.

Not to mention the pain of booking flights, hotels, transportation and then all the research of knowing where to go in order to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Imagine the possibilities of having a trend tour that focuses on your product, customers & goals.

  • Create excitement with internal teams about a category that's been sluggish.
  • Demonstrate to customers you are in the know about what's going on outside your walls.
  • Leverage the flavor of culinary & the power of food trends to bring value to your customers.
  • Seeing your product in use will increase the occasion and purchase intent.
  • Build a story that evolves your catalog of products to increase frequency of engagement, securing new business and developing deeper relations with existing customers.

Check out what our customers have to say...

Nice work, great snapshot of the "flexitarian" trend and applications in market. I really like the concept of trend tours to stay on top of independent restaurants & how the trends are applied in chains. - Carol W.-VP Marketing & Sales - DairiConcepts

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